Digital Forensics Service

Forensic investigation is a process of precisely extracting information, including already erased data and management information, and using the information to clarify what operations were performed. Forensic investigation can detect and recover important information from data that has already been deleted. LegalTech’s advanced digital forensics technology has been awarded for significantly improving the life of the people through its use in criminal investigations and corporate fraud inspections. Our METI Minister Award-winning technology proves the integrity of digital evidence and detects it as evidence data to be submitted to the judicial institutions.

Forensic investigation

Digital Forensic Service

LegalTech has built a forensics lab with a high level of security within the company, and performs analysis and investigations using various specialized tools. Since 1999, LegalTech has made many achievements at the request of investigative agencies such as the police and prosecutors. LegalTech has been providing the latest forensic tools for law enforcement agencies for almost 20 years and has successfully extracted evidence data in many cases considered difficult to solve. We extract and analyze any digital data from personal computers, smartphones, dash cams, and surveillance cameras and create reports to submit to a court of law.


Investigate evidence of all Digital Data


Service Flow


Pattern Unlocking

Make clear the pattern lock with our unique technology. Data extraction and normal data visualization are also available upon request.

PIN Code and PIN Lock

Even from PIN protected devices which cannot be unlocked, data can be extracted, including LINE app messages, e-mails, outgoing/incoming calls, images, output in Excel format and provided to customers.

Contents Mobile Forensics Advanced physical recovery
Investigation Targets
  1. Samsung/LG smartphones
  2. Mobile phones (Flip Phones)
  3. Other Android smartphones
  1. Inoperable HDDʼs, RAIDs, Servers
  2. Mobile phones and smartphones with problems such as submersion, power supply failure, and bad USB connection
  3. Mobile phones and smartphones that can be turned on but cannot display data due to defective LCD
  4. Inoperable external storage media such as SD card and USB memory
Investigation Contents
  1. Samsung/LG pattern unlocking
  2. Visualization of data and provision of image data
  3. Physical extraction from Android smartphones
  4. High-performance restoration of deleted data
  5. Excel output of extracted data
  6. ★Extraction of data from on-board memory
    (new technology)
  1. Physical recovery of HDDs, RAIDs, servers, etc.
  2. Tip off to extract data from memory
    (available as images, the restoration of deleted data is also supported)

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