Electronic Discovery Support Service

eDiscovery supports international litigation bitween the United States, Europe, and Asia

Japanese companies often pay enormous indemnities or are subject to regulatory crackdowns, due to, for example,infringement of antitrust laws, product liability lawsuits, and intellectual property infringement lawsuits. Companies facing these problems spend a great deal of costs and time for addressing them. LegalTech, in partnership with LegalTech companies with the world’s most advanced technologies, will support the rapid discovery of electronic data.


Quick, accurate, and cost-effective investigation of evidence from large volumes of digital data

In recent years, it has become important how quickly a company can respond to business risks by dealing with international litigation such as intellectual property litigation and fraud investigations faced by Japanese companies, international cartels, and the FCPA (The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) investigations. In order to respond quickly when problems arise, the assistance from experts who are familiar with the evidence examination of digital data is essential.
Evidence data that needs to be collected ranges from e-mails to electronic files, data of dedicated software for business use, personal computers, smartphones, USB memory, and so on. Data stored on various media must be collected and maintained in an appropriate manner. LegalTech has over 20 years of experience in the digital evidence data handling business, and our experienced professionals will help ensure proper data integrity.
The disclosure of electronic evidence through eDiscovery requires rapid responses to the requests from courts and lawyers while minimizing costs and risks. LegalTech has been providing 24/7 data recovery services for many years, greatly reducing the cost of investigating large volumes of data that need to be reviewed. In addition, LegalTech can handle restoration of lost data with advanced technology.
LegalTech has a track record in many discovery projects in collaboration with globally capable partners.

Alliance with the world’s most advanced Legal Tech companies


LegalTech works with the world’s most advanced Legal Tech companies to help customers quickly discover electronic data.

In order to respond more quickly to international cartel detections, it is more efficient to conduct the discovery using the same tools as the authorities. Nuix is one of the world’s most widely deployed in-vestigators. LegalTech has a wealth of experience providing Nuix to Japanese investigative agencies and providing technical support. In cooperation with domestic and overseas partners who have extensive experience in Japanese-language handling and large-scale intellectual property litigation, LegalTech has many achievements in large-scale discovery. We also support the world’s most widely used review tool, Relativity.

In order to minimize the damage to a company caused by a lawsuit, we help the discovery of evidence data which is valid in a court trial. We quickly conduct the discovery of lawsuit data in accordance with the world standard work index EDRM (Electronic Discovery Reference Model).

Reduce review time using the latest AI technology

Sorting documents that require discovery from millions of documents can be time consuming and costly. With the latest AI technology, millions of documents can be ranked in minutes. When an algorithm capable of continuous and active machine learning is implemented, as the reviewers proceed, their decisions are fed back to the system and used in the next ranking process. By doing this on a continuous basis, you can quickly perform highly relevant document reviews.

Supported evidence discovery in many large-scale cases

AOS, along with the world’s most advanced Legal Tech partners, has assisted international law firms and has achieved results in many large-scale cases.

london interbank offered rate_libor_froud and collusion case
apple and samsumg electronics intellectual property litigation
panama papers disclosure
toshiba accounting scandal
Every year, AOS Group’s LegalTech Inc. holds the Legal Tech exhibition that presents cases using the latest LegalTech
®for corporate legal departments, lawyers, intellectual property departments, and investigative agencies. In this exhibition, globally active experts are invited to give lectures on a variety of issues, including the support of eDiscovery in the world-famous international litigation cases such as the Apple and Samsung litigation cases.(LegalTech® is a registered trademark of AOS Technologies, Inc.)