Kentaro Toda, a partner attorney at TMI Assocciates, and AOS Data Naoki “Nick” Kanamaru talked about eDiscovery in Japan.

LEGALTECH Introduction

LEGALTECH has been providing various technology solutions for both consumer and professional markets for the last 25 years in Japan.

While our business was expanding in the professional market, we started providing data recovery service to major PC companies and forensics services to the Government, Law Firms and Corporate Legal Department.

Since the market responded quickly to take advantage of our technical capabilities in Japan, we spun off LEGALTECH in 2012 as an independent entity to serve more for the customers not only the domestic market but also the US market.

We have a wide range of vendor partnership networks outside of Japan so we can be a one stop shop for our customers. We have worked with various International Law Firms and Japanese Corporations for Government Inquiries, Internal Investigation, Patent Litigation, Class Action Lawsuits, Antitrust and other matters.

In the e-Discovery segment, we provide wide range of EDRM services including data collection, paper scanning, data processing/hosting/production and document review.

Data Collection: We use industry standard tools such as FDK Imager, TB3, and others. We can cover not only Japan but also the rest of Asia and other regions. We have experiences collecting Japanese company data in Europe. For Japan domestic collection, we can act on 3-5 day notice to meet your needs. Our experienced technical staff can communicate in English with US clients to go through the process.

Four LegalTech solutions based on our METI Minister Award-Winning technologies

Service eDiscovery


Electronic Discovery Support Service

LegalTech also has an in-house review center and partners with LegalTech companies with the world’s most advanced technologies to support rapid discovery of electronic data.

Service Document Review Service


LegalTech providers a document review service

We have track records of handling such as US eDiscovery projects, European Committee investigations, Domestic Third-Party Committee investigations and internal fraud investigations.

Service Digital Forensics


Digital Forensic Service

LegalTech’s Digital Forensics Service, Backed by the METI Minister Award-winning technology, has achieved numerous results since 1999 at the request of investigative agencies.

Service Image Analysis Forensics


Image Analysis Forensic Service

Unclear images, such as blurred faces and blurred license plates captured by surveillance cameras or dash cams can be analyzed and investigated as evidence data. LegalTech will recover and analyze video data that cannot be played.

Once we understand your needs, we communicate with the IT department of Japanese corporations to understand technical issues such as encryption and security systems to make sure the collection is done precisely in a timely manner.

We can perform data collection and delivery based on your guidance with a chain of custody form, so your client evidence is securely protected.

When papers get involved, we work with a trusted partner who can scan the document images and use the OCR software which is suitable for the contents to increase the accuracy.

We use multiple OCR software based on the document type and select ideal one. Along with coding data, a load-file is also created and delivered with description of data association for uploading to the e-Discovery tool for review.

Forensics: We have started data recovery service in 1999 and forensic service in 2001. Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry awarded LEGALTECH is the frontier of data recovery and forensic service provider.

In 2010, we provided Final Forensics to Japanese Metropolitan Police Agency and eDiscovery tool to the Financial Ministry of Japan.

We investigate PC/Mobile data, Images/ Videos and car navigation/automobile for civil and criminal investigations.

Forensic investigation is conducted by our experienced English-speaking investigators at our forensic laboratory which has an enhanced security system.

We have performed thousands of matters and our forensic lab has produced the superb extraction results requested by law enforcement agencies, public prosecutors, law firms, and corporate legal divisions. These matters include widely known major incident cases reported by media in Japan.

We have been hosting the annual Legaltech Conference in Japan since 2013.

2014 Legaltech Conference
in Toranomon Hills
2018 Legaltech Conference
in Ginza Six

We use not only commercially available tools but also use in house software for the unique devices available in Japan which can’t be extracted by commercially available software.

For data processing, hosting and production, we work with partners (typically use Relativity) in Japan. In some cases, the client wants to retain the data in the server within Japan.

We assign an experienced English-speaking project manager to communicate with the client/law firm both in Japan and the US.

The reason why LEGALTECH does not own e-Discovery tool is that most US cases are hosted in the US and avoid not directly competing with US e-Discovery vendors who we usually work with as a partner.

We have experiences in handling the cases with large data size using predictive coding technology to train machine learning engine to identify relevant documents.

Document Review Service: We have our own secured review center in the middle of Tokyo called Toranomon. Toramonon is the center of Tokyo and where the US embassy is located.

We can accommodate 50 reviewers in our review room. We can handle from small review projects to large scale review projects. Our qualified reviewers are from law students to licensed attorneys. We can handle English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and other Asian languages. Our document review is widely known as the best price performance service in Japan. We are happy to provide you references.

For educate Japanese market and introduce new Legal IT Technologies in the Japanese market, we have been hosting the annual Legaltech Conference in Japan since 2013.

We can handle from small review projects to large scale review projects.

We have invited high profile keynote speakers including former Prime Minister of Japan, Novel Prize Winner and key Japanese Government officials to address Japan’s legal technology issues and its future direction.

With over 500 attendees, the Legaltech Conference became the only event of introducing new Legal Technologies in Japan. Legaltech Japan will be held sometime in Oct-Nov in 2020. We will keep you posted.

Unlike the US, e-Discovery is not common practice in Japan. Most of the Japanese corporations do not understand the e-Discovery process and importance of such as “legal hold”. Without understanding the e-Discovery process, the Japanese client may face legal vulnerability.

We work hand-in-hand with legal counsel to educate Japanese clients, working with their IT team to go through the e-Discovery process, which is our value add that we have established over the years working with various matters in different phases.

So your e-Discovery and legal support needs in Japan is clear. LEGALTECH provides comprehensive services with an experienced English-speaking team supporting any e-Discovery needs in EDRM perspective.

Please contact us if you have any questions and our contact information is described below.